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Large DIA Slurry Explosives

They are perfect primer/booster, effective in removal of toe and excellent fragmentation in all types of rock formation. In combination with NOVA BASE they make very good base charge and column charge. In combination with nova power they make excellent column charge. They can also be used fo plaster shooting


Large dia non capsensitive aluminised high strength,high strength, high vod and high energy base and column charge explosive. for effective result this should be used in combination with NOVA BOOST AND NOVA PRIME. This is very suitable for hard strata and particularly for removing toe problems.


Large dia non capsensitive watergel explosive for base and column charge. IT forms an excellent column charge when used in combination with NOVA BOOST of NOVAPRIME in various strata condition.


Large dia non capsensitive aluminised high vod and high energy base charge. For most effective result it should be used with NOVA PRIME or NOVA BOOST.

Large DIA Emulsion Explosive

Aluminised capsensitive booster/primer for capsensitive column charge, most suitable for hard rock strata in combination with nova strong and or NOVAMULl. It is an excellent water resistant high vod and high energy emulsion explosive.


Aluminised base charge, for effective result it it recommended to be used in combination with NOVA FIRE or NOVALITE. This product is most suitable for hard rock strata and in particular in for toe removal. It is excellent water resistant high vod an high energy emulsion explosive.


Non Aluminised column charge explosive and can be initiated by NOVA FIRE or NOVALITE for getting best result. It can be effectively used in all types of strata condition.

Small DIA Slurry Explosive

Cap-sensitive small dia explosive suitable for construction work, tunneling, well sinking underground mining, open cast operations, secondary blasting and other general purpose basting application. They give excellent fragmentation and offer a high degree of safety from mechanical impact and friction. They provide great reduction in noxious fumes and thus eliminate headache complaints to operating crew.

Powder Explosive

Large dia low density powder explosive stable for hard and medium hard rock formations in open cast mines. It an be used more effectively in dry and moist bore holes, being low density product, it gives an excellent column length in bore holes.

Small dia & medium dia. Cartridged emulsion explosive

It is a versatile water-in oil emulsion explosive for using in small dia./ medium dia. Holes. Emulsion explosives are characterized by very high degree of intimacy between oxidizer and fuel, which leads to high VOD and higher explosion energy and excellent water resistance due to higher degree of intimate contact of fuel and oxidizer phase. Novadune-Emul is available in different sizes ranging from 25 mm to 50 mm.

Novadyne - Emul is available in different diameters to meet the customers requirements. It is high strength cap sensitive explosive mainly used in tunneling, under ground metalliferous mines, civil/construction projects, shaft sinking operations, seismic blasting etc.

Storage and Transportation
Store under moderate temperatures and dry conditions in a well ventilated approved magazine. These explosives are classified as Class � 2 Explosives.


Large dia cap sensitive aluminised water gel primers. They release maximum explosive energy to give optimum blast-ing results and maximum operational economy when used in combination with BHARAT base and BHARAT column. Make an effective column charge in association with BHARAT base or BHARAT column.


Large dia non cap sensitive water gel explosives for base and column charge. BHARAT BASE is non aluminised high strength , high vod and high energy base charge explosive This can be effectively used in combination with BHARAT TOE for very hard strata and in adverse conditions, particularly in removing TOE problems. BHARAT BASE can also be boostered with BHARAT PRIME for effective blasting results in hard rock.


Large dia non-capsensitive wate gel explosive for base and column charge. Excellent column charge when used in combination with BHARAT TOE or BHARAT PRIME for all types of strata.

They can also be used safely in hot holes encountered in fire seams open cast coal mines.


Large dia non-cap sensitive low density ANFO for column charge , in medium hard strata. in combination with either BHARAT TOE or BHARAT PRIME. It si effective and economical. It is also usefull in boreholes where good column build-up is required.


Small dia aluninised capsensitive water gel explosives, They are powerful explosives with typical characteristics of maximum energy concentration. They are highly suitable for effective small dia blasting in open cast as well as underground metal mines. They are also suited for tunneling, well sinking an other general applications. They are highly water resistant, give excellent pragmentation associated with high degree of safety from mechanical impacts and friction.


Large DIA Explosives
Water gel and powder explosives are packed in sturdy polythene bags, clipped with aluminised clips or rubber bands on both ends. These cartridges, in turn, are packed in corrugated fibre board boxes. Net weight of explosive packed in each box is 25 kg.

Small DIA Explosives
Thery are packed in sturdy polythene tubes of 25 mm. Each cartridge weighs 140 gms. Cartridges are tucked at one end and heat sealed at the other end. They are packed and supplied in corrugated fibredboard boxes. Each box carries net 25 ks of explosives. Number of cartridges in each box is 172 to 185 nos.

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